What to expect in your first class

Starting a new activity can be a stressful time. Here's a little information to make the transition a bit easier.

  • A typical class will start with a warmup of some sort, around five or ten minutes. Then we will learn and drill two or three related techniques for twenty to thirty mins. Finally, we use the remaining time to run live drills, based off the techniques we learned, against resisting partners. 


  • You are not expected to know anything. As a beginner, you just need to turn up with an open mind, ready to put in some effort.


  • You will feel confused. This is normal. Like learning a new language, you have some memorisation to do before you will become fluent enough to hold a conversation.


  • You will be uncomfortable at certain points. This is normal. Remember you can tap at any point, for any reason, and your partner will stop. 


  • You will be partnered up with more experienced people. They will do things that seem like magic to you. This is normal. If you train hard for long enough, you too will learn to be magical.


  • Jiu Jitsu is a martial art for the small person, designed to use leverage to overcome physical advantages. As a beginner, you will be handled by people half your size and weight. This is normal, don't be discouraged, it just means Jiu Jitsu works as promised. 


  • Everyone there is usually pretty cool. Everyone there has started from the beginning, just like you. The only difference is training time. Introduce yourself, make friends, train hard, have fun.